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About Us

We’re a big team who left our comfort zone to help make the world a more comfortable place.

With solid backgrounds in clothing design or manufacturing (leather jackets), we left our careers because we want do something extraordinary for people, that’s why set out to reinvent men’s undergarments, the way they should be: more tailored, fit, and looks more fashionable when someone wear.

We are planning and work on various ideas what would come next, but since day one, we’ve been working really hard. As a result, more and more people engage to our products: underwear that never rides up, socks that never roll down, apparel always moves with you, mens underwear or online boxer shorts almost a same thing but in these days best shorts for men we are offering in very affordable price. When making so every stitch, every glitch, every improvement, and every new possibility we focus and try to implement in product. We’re proud to be a boxer short company with classic fabric and fitting you will get in our each product